The story of how each interior designer gets started in the business is as varied as snowflake patterns. My story of getting started in this industry is no different.

I have always had some level of interest in the importance of feeling comfortable in his “space.” As a kid, I was constantly rearranging my bedroom and putting up new “art” (read posters). My room was in a state of constant flux – there was always room for improvement or change.

In 1999, while working as a market researcher for a local Portland firm, my wife, Julie, and I purchased a small home in NE Portland built in 1908. A previous owner had tried unsuccessfully to modernize the home and in the process removed the character. The result was a house with thin baseboards, gray carpet and white walls, and an interior neither interesting nor comfortable to be in. We launched into a full-scale remodel/ restoration in 2001 with the intent of bringing back some of the period elements like wood floors, custom millwork and age appropriate light fixtures. But in true JBi style, the home became a mix of contemporary design (through furniture and artwork) and vintage elements.

It was through this process I learned to love and appreciate the design and remodeling process, and in 2004 started JASON BALL interiors – an interior design firm dedicated to improving interior environments. For me, the design process is so much more than finding a collection of special objects, furniture or lighting for a space. It is about creating an environment that reflects my clients' personality, aesthetics and lifestyle. Very quickly, JASON BALL interiors has become known for clean, contemporary design infused with custom pieces, irrespective of the particular style of the room. Now with multiple newspaper and magazine articles, and several awards for his designs, I'm on my way to becoming an established and sought-after designer in Portland and beyond.


This quote by Suzanne Trocme guides me in all phases of design. I am a firm believer in working diligently and continuously throughout the process to find the perfect balance between color, materials, flow, personal aesthetic. Once balance is achieved, the design is complete. 

Thank you for considering JASON BALL interiors and I look forward to being your interior designer.