Importance Of Self Storage During An Interior Design Project

When you are planning some carpeting, re-carpeting, renovation, interior designing or de-cluttering project in your home, you will most definitely need a place to keep your essential items until the project has been completed. However, if you have large or numerous household items, storing in a conventional storage facility may prove to be extremely expensive, cumbersome and inconvenient, and that is why you need to consider opting for Self Storage services.

Important of Self Storage during an Interior Designing Project

If you have decided to revitalise your home through renovation, interior designing, carpeting, re-carpeting or de-cluttering, finding a good self-storage facility for part or even all of your household items will be quite advantageous. By doing this, you will have peace of mind through the entire process since your items will be in a safe and secure environment until you are ready to pick them. Some of the advantages of keeping your items in a self-storage facility include:


When keeping your items at a storage facility, you need the assurance that all of your belongings are safe. And using a self-storage unit is an excellent way of ensuring that your household items are safe and secure. For instance, you are the only person who is allowed access to your unit at the time when your items are at the facility. Moreover, most of these facilities are usually fitted with CCTV cameras, fire and burglar alarms as an extra security measure.


The convenience of self-storage usually eliminates most of the problems that are associated with the other storage solutions. For instance, you will have access to your goods whenever you want to. Their storage facilities are easily accessible for loading or unloading, and you only get to pay for the space you need and for the amount of time that your items are in storage. You may also downsize or upsize your storage space based on your needs.


One of the greatest advantages of putting your items in a self-storage facility instead of just getting a larger premise is the cost factor. If you decide to go for a large premise, besides having to pay a higher lease or rent, you may also incur huge overhead costs such as utilities and taxes. Ideally, a self-storage unit will be more cost-effective since you will only be required to pay a small monthly fee.

Self Storage


When keeping your items at a conventional storage facility, with your friend or a family member, during your home interior designing, you may have to bear the burden all by yourself in case they are damaged, stolen, lost or burned downed. Most self-storage companies usually arrange for affordable insurance and quote for your items, which allows your insurance company to bear replacement or repair costs in case your items are lost or badly damaged.

Storage companies usually supply a range of storage supplies that will help to protect, ensure safety and organisation for the items during transportation or when they are in storage. Moreover, most self-storage companies usually provide safe and affordable transport of the items to and from the storage facility to your home.

Advantages Of Using Carpet Flooring

Carpet Flooring adds safety

Carpets are a special type of flooring solution, and they are mainly made of woven fibres. Carpet flooring is designed to withstand very heavy use under regular foot traffic without getting torn, and it is ideal for use in private settings. The option is a largely preferred choice for most homeowners since it offers a wide range of benefits when compared to other flooring solutions. Below are some of the advantages of carpet flooring:

1. Cost Effective

Carpet flooring has been proven to be relatively affordable, right from the purchasing, installation and maintenance when compared to other flooring options. The solution is much less labour intensive when it comes to cleaning and maintenance than the hard surface flooring and hence will cost you much less in the long run. Moreover, with a range of carpet types available today, you can always find a practical solution for your budget and decor needs.

2. Beauty and Style

Carpets usually come in countless patterns and colours, and it is, therefore, easier to find the kind of pattern or colours that suit your style, decor and functional needs. Carpeting is, therefore, a great decorating option and it can be the focal point of your space with vivid colours, patterns and textures. With this in mind, you can adjust your space to your preferences.

3. Warmth and Comfort

Carpets usually provide optimal thermal resistance, and during cold seasons or in colder climates they tend to retain warm air for longer, which is an energy-conservation benefit. They also provide a more comfortable place for you, your family, friends, employees, or visitors to sit, work or even play. They will typically give your space a warmer feeling. If you want to experience a feeling of warmth with underfoot comfort and soft cushioning then carpet flooring will be the best for you.

4. Safety

Carpet flooring is the best when it comes to the cushioning of your footsteps and reduction of slip and fall incidences. Even if you fall, it will keep you from sustaining major joint injuries or developing orthopedic problems. If you want to protect your children or elderly relatives in your house from falling and sustaining severe injuries in the process, you should consider getting professional carpet layers like to help. These will install for you superior quality carpet flooring solutions that will suit your needs.

5. Healthy Option

Contrary to the common myth, carpets usually contribute positively to one’s health and well being. They help in trapping dust, allergens and other indoor pollutants that could otherwise trigger asthma or other allergic reactions in people until they are cleaned. This will, therefore, help you to breathe cleaner air into your space.

Other significant benefits of carpet flooring include; reduction of noise pollution, and they are also quite durable. Moreover, older carpets can be recycled into new carpets or other more useful products. If you need cost-effective, safe and reliable flooring solutions for your space, you can call professional carpet layers, and they will help you select the best carpeting and provide you with topnotch installation, repair or even replacement.

Designing With Artificial Flowers: Make Your Home A Floral Paradise

You got to love artificial flowers, whether your thumb is green or blаck, sincе they doll up home decor.

Nothing givеs a room thе pеrfеct finishing touch quitе likе frеsh flowеrs. Whilе livе blooms look bеautiful whеn arrangеd, thеy droop aftеr a few days. Еvеn sturdiеr variеtiеs wilt in arid conditions or withеr without еnough sunlight. Thе solution? Go faux. Artificial flowers may gеt a bad rap but somе vеrsions arе vеry rеalistic.

High-Quality Plants

Only thе very best artificial flowers will trick еvеryonе into thinking your thumb is grееn. This mеans you’ll spеnd morе monеy, as thе bеst faux plants arе pricеy. But this plant will last you a long timе. Look for a rеal looking stem, impеrfеct lеavеs and a bеautiful pot with gardеn-likе soil. Somе flowеrs look grеat on thе surfacе but on closеr inspеction thе stеms arе plasticky. Get lifelike blooms by saving imagеs of thе rеal thing on your phonе and using thеm to comparе features whеn shopping. Visiting the Artificial Flower Shop website may be a good idea to starting getting some ideas for your home. They have great customer support, so contact them directly for all questions.

Right Spot

Think about thе placement of your silk flowers. Sticking thеm down in thе basеmеnt, whеrе thеrе’s no natural light, will bе a dеad givеaway. Placе thеm in a spot in your homе whеrе plants can grow and that will hеlp convincе pеoplе that they’re rеal. Or try using your fake florets outsidе if you livе somеwhеrе with a mild climatе. Thе trick liеs in bеautifully arranging thеsе flowеrs. For instance, dеcoratе your dining tablе with a bunch of pеoniеs or go for pottеd flowеrs on your balcony.

Less Fake

Thеrе arе things you can do to makе your artificial flowers look less faux. A grеat trick is to rе-pot thе flowеrs in a containеr with rеal dirt. Makе surе to clean your blooms rеgularly. Consider mixing fake with real if you want to kееp live plants around. Not all artificial flowers arе madе from silk. Somе of thе most rеalistic havе foam pеtals that look and feel real. Fake succulents arе a wondеrful option bеcausе thеir rеal vеrsions havе a plastic-likе appеarancе.

Regular Upkeep

Nothing will rеvеal your sеcrеt fastеr than a layеr of dust on thosе lovеly pеtals. Keep silk flowers from getting dusty by giving thеm a shakе wееkly or running thеm undеr cool watеr. As for storagе, placе thеm in covеrеd containеrs. This way, thеy stay clеan for latеr usе. Artificial flowers arе madе to bе vibrant for many yеars but еxcеssivе dirеct sunlight can makе thеm fadе. Fading scrеams fakе, so sunproof your flowеrs if thеy’rе nоt UV resistant.

Florist Style

When arranging faux flowers, usе odd numbеrs of stеms. Groups of thrее, fivе or sеvеn look bеttеr. Add lots of tеxturе by combining blousy blooms likе rosеs or pеoniеs with tеxtural foliagе likе bеrry bundlеs or еvеrgrееn lеavеs. Limit your colour palеttе to 2 or 3 colours to achiеvе an elegant look. Only usе nativе in-sеason artificial flowers so thеy sееm morе rеalistic. Placing silk blooms in a clеar vasе with watеr kееps pеoplе guеssing if thеy’rе rеal.

Home Decor is an Expression of You

Have you ever walked into a home and everything was in its place? Even though the kids had toys scattered around on the floor it still looked neat and tidy. The decorator created that look to be pleasant to the eyes and it worked. However, not everyone has the gift of creating a pleasant look in decor.

There are several decorating styles that homeowners can choose from and there is something that works for everyone. If you are not an expert at home decorating, don’t worry, there is a lookout there for you too.

One of the easier home decorating techniques is shabby chic. This look combines the look of romantic and southern styles together to create a relaxed and charming look. This decor focuses on painting the walls to create a new look. You have several choices to choose from in paint colors so this look may be the perfect look for you.

Shabby Chic

Place an old trunk in the corner with a piece of lace material sticking out in front. You can also decorate your trunk in other ways such as placing flowers on top or an old photo.

Country Decor

There is also the country decor. This is a simple decor that reminds you of back home. Most people choose a theme with the country decor today. For example, roosters, strawberries, sunflowers, and more. There are more warm colors in this decor than any other type of color. The overall look should be warm and be inviting. You can also add natural looks to your decor. For example, hardwood flooring. Wood carving knick-knacks to sit on the shelf is also a great addition to the country decor.

Farm animal figures can be placed on the open shelves in the room. Egg baskets can be placed on the counter. Fill it full of fruit for more color. You can also add milk crates to the decor. Milk crates can be stacked for books, knick-knacks, and more.

Western Decor

Another safe decorating style is the western decor. If you want to create a room that everyone will love to be in then try the western decor. You can relax the decor a little to make everyone feel welcome. You can add wrought iron decorations on the walls, leather rugs on the floors, and the color red and denim is okay. The look is simple but distinct. Southwestern rugs are also popular with the western decor.

Cowboy figures can sit on the tables and a saddle blanket can be folded up and placed on top of the ottoman. Not only will it be colorful and decorative but it will also keep you warm on chilly nights.

As you see, it’s easy to decorate your home in a creative style without going to interior design school. Decorating is about your taste in color and design. If the look is pleasing to you, it will be pleasing to others as well.